Prenatal Care

We offer prenatal care for pregnant women have insurance or not we provide temporary medical for whole pregnancy period even after delivery.

Our facility have privileges to give temp medical i.e. Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women  . So patients with no insurances are not denied for services.


Family Planning Services

We offer free pregnancy check and even free family planning for qualified patients  and do free STD checks

CHDP Vaccines

We offer Pediatric services ,vaccines

General Adult Visit

We have providers ready to take care walk in sick visits .

Adult Physicals

We do yearly physical, school physical, job physical  with appointments.

Inhouse Lab

We  have in house lab facility to draw blood and urine specimen for all lab orders , so that  our patients does not have to go to laboratory facility .



We have Pediatric Doctor to take care kids for their physical , sick visits, school physical , sports physical , vaccines and blood work.




In house ultrasound facility  specially for OB patients




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